Manmadh Rebba:

Ultraman, Ironman, Triathlete, Architect, Coach Mann!

Manmadh Rebba, a Triathlete by choice and passion and an Architect (R.A.C.A) and Program / Project Management consultant by profession. He hails from Hyderabad, India.

IronMan, UltraMan, Triathlon Coach, Advocate against International Child Abduction, Tutor, Big Brother,  advocate for a sustainable lifestyle.

Manmadh’s journey to Ultraman Triathlon started with him trying to learn how to swim in 2013. He signed up for a triathlon before he knew how to swim and jumped into it and learnt swimming to complete his first triathlon (Miami Man)  with in 2.5 months. After that accomplishment he took a break and again got back into triathlons in 2015 through IronMan 70.3 Austin,  Escape from Alcatraz and other IronMan races before getting a wild card entry to UltraMan Florida 2017 and later became the first Indian ever to participate at UltraMan World Championships, Hawaii in November 2017. Continuing his journey as ultra-endurance athlete in various events and recently finishing UltraMan World Championships in 2019 – third year in a row.

Manmadh is also a recipient of the Presidential Service Award in 2016 from past USA president Barack Obama, for tutoring homeless kids in the Southern California region.

Manmadh’s comments on Ironman All World Athelete Bronze Status: “2016 has been quite an amazing journey in my life, in fact very very positive compared to previous years. This status / badge throws some light on my accomplishment. Looking forward for stronger 2017.”

Word from Manmadh Rebba on his UltraMan title: “The three days is a walk at the summit when compared to the multiple challenges of my journey to the start of the race, overcoming the challenges in the journey has made me cross the finish line strong.”

2016 Presidential award receipient in the US. He was honoured with this award for tutoring homeless kids since 2011 by past President of United States – Barack Obama “I enjoyed every minute of my time spent with all the amazing and extremely potential kids. Receiving this award with the appreciation letter from the President Barack Obama during his last year in office is definitely very special to me”