Manmadh Rebba, a Triathlete by passionate choice and an Architect (r.a.c.a) and Program / Project Management consultant by profession from Hyderabad, India. Manmadh’s journey to Ultraman Triathlon (321.6 mile race) started with him trying to learn how to swim in 2013. He signed up for a triathlon before he knew how to swim and jumped into it and learnt swimming to complete his first triathlon (Miami Man)  with in 2.5 months and never looked back. In 2018, second year in a row he got qualified and invited to UltraMan World Championships – Considered to be one of the toughest races in the world. He is one of the 26 finishers of 40 selected athletes all over the world representing 20 countries.

Manmadh is also a recipient of Presidential Service Award in 2016 from past USA president Barack Obama, for tutoring homeless kids in the Southern California region.